Beat the Winter Blues

There are many romantic notions that come to mind when I think about the beginning of winter. The first roaring fire. The white holiday lights sparkling at night. The first floating snowflakes. I do love the excitement of a new season, even winter.  Full disclosure – my favorite season is summer, followed closely by spring.  And I appreciate that fall and winter are part of the cycle of seasons.  There is a coziness to snuggling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot tea that is not possible on a 90 degree Georgia summer day.  So I get it – winter has its place.


However – yup, here comes the but – I don’t love what dry heat (a.k.a. the baseboard heater, radiator, wood stove, fireplace) do to my skin.  It feels like they suck the moisture right out of it.  My skincare regimen of summer all of sudden becomes insufficient overnight.

Fear not, I don’t let the winter blues bring me down too much though.

My 5 Fave Ways to Beat Winter at Its Own Game:

  1. Soup.  Need I say more?  This is the best reason to love cold weather.  Here is the link to my Pinterest Soups Board.  I love homemade soup so much, especially when make from homemade stock.  This will be my first winter with the Instant Pot and we are a soup making match made in Heaven.
  2. Butter:  Not the kind you think!  I am talking about plant butters like shea, cocoa and mango.  All three of these come from plant seeds and are super nourishing for dry skin.  This whipped body butter is a great way to combat the drying effects of heaters in your home & office.
  3. Tea.  So many kinds that it is impossible to get bored of tea.  My personal faves are green tea & herbal blends that include chamomile.  But black tea, oolong & rooibos are other interesting teas to try.  Find a comfy chair, a book and hot tea tea if you are having a hard time appreciating cold weather.  Roaring fire is a bonus in this situation.
  4. Flannel:  From PJs to sheets to shirts, soft flannel is so inviting during the winter season.  Do they make long sleeve flannel undershirts to wear under sweater?  I want one.
  5. Bundle Up:  And get outside!  Yup, its cold but if you like to hike, the views are awesome once the leave are gone.  If you ski, your season starts with the cold.  If you like to run, it is much easier to beat your PR in cooler weather.

What are your fave ways to embrace winter?  Comment below!

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